RDS Capabilities Assessment Announcement

For Immediate Release: 04/08/16

Redstone Defense Systems (RDS) is a joint venture between Yulista Aviation, Inc. and Science and Engineering Services LLC and their affiliates. RDS is seeking a company that is capable of providing engineering services across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, to include but not limited to, Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering for a variety of DoD platforms (e.g. aviation, ground vehicles). The work to be performed will be in support of the RDS Prime Contract W58RGZ-12-D-0089. If interested, please complete the attached questionnaire and return to Kacey.Kelley@ses-i.com no later than 17:00 CST on 12 April 2016. No contact by telephone will be accepted or returned.

RDS- Capabilities Assessment Questionnaire